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Basil Thai Cooking is a balance of delicious aromas and flavors. Our menu is made from fresh ingredients that are sourced from local outlets. Our dishes are deliciously spicey but never fear we’ll never blast you with too much heat! Mr. Kai wishes to always honor his ancestors through the recipes passed down to him, he uses the same spices they used long ago, although if you wish for an extremely spicy experience just ask and he is happy to prepare your food with more than a medium kick

I drive from Glendale to Arcadia once a month just to get some of the best Thai food in Los Angeles! I love Basil Thai! The food is great, the owners are so nice! You should try it today!

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Steve O'Bryan

Founder, Smack Smog Inc

About Basil Thai Cooking!

When you eat Mr. Kai’s food at Basil Thai Restaurant your taste buds take a culinary trip back in time to his beginnings as a son, a cook and an artisan. As a young boy of 10 Mr. Kai began his appreciation and love of cooking through his trips to the marketplace. There he would acquire the necessary ingredients his mother needed to prepare the day’s meals.

Excellent food and the service is excellent. Hidden treasure!

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June Rao

Basil Thai Cooking is located in the city of Arcadia and is located withn Los Angeles County, California. Basil Thai Cooking is approximately 13 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley and at the foot of the scenic San Gabriel Mountains.

Great food, family friendly, great location. Love this place. Must try wanton soup, and crying tiger.

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Mitsuko Roberts Kono